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Top 10 in 2015

HF (2016-01-20)

Although the year 2016 has just begun, we have decided to look back and sum up the activity of our organisation in 2015.

We have chosen our TOP10 in 2015!

Alicja tez idzie.
Fot. Marta Sienkiewicz
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1. Anti-discrimination Support Centre.

Over a year ago we opened the first Anti-discrimination Support Centre in Lublin. It was a big challenge since there weren't any similar institutions in Poland which could function as a role model for us. We want to help people who feel discriminated. We lend an ear to every person in need and try to suggest possible solutions of the problem that can be chosen. We support discriminated people and advise where they can find professional psychological and legal help. We provide some legal advice within the scope of our competences and assist on every level of the procedure.

There are five counsellors working in the centre. We have already provided help on different level in 21 diverse cases. We have dealt with problems of violence against women, evictions, sexual harassment, discrimination because of the lack of religion, nationality, intellectual disability. We have also examined some system issues, for example accessibility of gynaecological examination rooms for people with physical disabilities, bias-motivated crimes, transparency in granting employees of public institutions in Lublin.

We have taken part in three legal proceedings and we have participated as a trusted party in another one. We created the first Lublin anti-discrimination website which is being constantly improved. We cooperate with Province Governor Plenipotentiary for Equal Treatment and other institutions and organisations which prevent discrimination in Lublin and in Poland. And we are constantly developing our professional skills by taking part in trainings and workshops.

Fot. Marta Sienkiewicz
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2. Witamy w Lublinie 3 – Welcome to Lublin 3.

"Welcome to Lublin" project started 7 years ago. At the very beginning there were only 878 students from abroad in our city. Today the amount of students and foreigners who came to Lublin to live, work or raise their children is much higher.

Also our city has changed and has become a better place to live for migrants and foreigners: Help Desk for Foreigners in Citizen Service Office was created and Integration Support Group managed by Mayor's Office started operating and gathering migrants living in our city. Minority groups have become more active and we also have learned a lot about integration. We still welcome newcomers to Lublin. We offer guided tours, walks, meetings, Polish lessons and many more. We are aware of the fact that first steps in a new place are often difficult and we want to make them easier.

Koleżeńska pomoc jest bezcenna.
Fot. Anna Dąbrowska
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3. Wyprawki – The Little Journeys.

One coach, 40 kids, 12 hours and over 300km of stories about multi-cultural Lublin region. We prepared a few routes for our Little Journeys. In 2015 we organised five of them for kids from schools in Paszki, Brzostówiec, Milanów, Siennica Nadolna, Motwica, Dubica, Dołholisk and Wola Radzięcka.

Radio Lublin recorded a report about the Little Journeys (only Polish version available). In 2015 for the first time we asked you about a support for The Little Journeys and you helped us to finance the project. Thank you!

After a trip we always ask kids: "What did you enjoy the most?". The best answer was given in 2015, namely: "I enjoyed everything the most".

Fot. Marta Sienkiewicz
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4. Films.
In 2015 we organised Lublin editions of two travelling festivals: Watch Docs. Human Rights in Films (thirteenth time in Lublin!) and Jewish Motifs. For the first time we participated in organisation of LGBT Film Festival in Lublin what arouse some controversies. It is high time to accept that we all have the same rights and freedoms despite our differences. As a partner of "Wspólna Przestrzeń" Foundation we supported the organisation of the first edition of the film festival "Patrzę na: islam".

In the past year we showed over 40 films about human rights. During our film festivals we also organised walks, workshops and discussions. It was possible thanks to cooperation with Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, Jewish Motifs Association, Centre for Culture in Lublin, HerStory Foundation and "Studnia Pamięci" Association.

This year we will have a film surprise for you. More information soon!

Fot. Anna Dąbrowska
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5. Meetings.

In 2015 we organised a lot of meetings concerning important, controversial and current issues. After attacks in Paris we talked about terrorism, we also discussed the issue of refugees and Polish government decisions concerning them and the problem of evictions conducted by the City Hall in Lublin.

On the 10th of December (International Human Rights Day) we discussed about the past events and the challenges that we may encounter in the future.

In cooperation with a local group of Amnesty International we invited you for Write for Rights Campaign.

Anna Dąbrowska rozpoczyna spotkanie.
Fot. Piotr Skrzypczak
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6. Trafficking in Human Beings Prevention.

In December 2015 we organised a conference "Migrations and Trafficking in Human Beings". We invited the representatives of public institutions and uniformed services who have to deal with the problem of trafficking in human beings. Our guests were: Irena Dawid-Olczyk, Joanna Garnier i Draginja Nadaždin.

We are on of 14 organisations belonging to the Polish Network Against Trafficking in Human Beings which was created as the initiative of La Strada Foundation Against Trafficking in Persons and Slavery, Association "Po-MOC" for Women and Children, Nobody's Children Foundation, Social and Legal Education Association "Ius et Ratio", Association for Legal Intervention and Halina Nieć Legal Aid Center.

We also joined the Provincial Group forTrafficking in Human Beings Prevention.

7. NaprawmyTo – Let's Fix It!

We have been managing Lublin website NaprawmyTo (Let's Fix It!) since 2012. The users of the portal report defects and problems in our city and appropriate authorities receive alerts about the problems which they try to successively fix. We cooperate with nine institutions which are responsible for removing the defects. By the time 11006 problems have been reported!

No, i jest! Prawie w pełnym składzie.
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8. Watchdog Activity.

We are a partner of Citizens Network Watchdog Poland, Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, Center for Citizenship Education and Court Watch Poland Foundation. Last year we organised course "On Guard" ["Na straży"] and trained 15 people how to inspect the activity of public authorities and change the government so that it meets our needs and respects our rights. In cooperation with eight other organisations we were wondering how to explain you what we do and what we aim at. First and foremost, we wanted to point out that without your involvement our actions would not be effective.

Ostatnie słowo.
Fot. Anna Dąbrowska
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9. Changes, Changes, Changes...

Last year our organisation changed a lot – we chose new board members, changed our office and reorganised our activities. Dorota Zaniuk (a person who was taking a great care of Kawiarnia Kawka for the last few years), Jolanta Prochowicz and Joanna Bednarczyk joined our organisation. You will see soon how positively it influenced our team and activity.
We all care about human rights but our competences are very diverse. We graduated different majors, for example, applied linguistics, cultural studies, Polish philology, administration, philosophy, religious studies, journalism, psychology and political science.
Still, in our team we lack lawyers. Last year we invited people with such education to cooperate with us as volunteers. We believe that it will reinforce and develop our activity.
We have also changed the management of our Facebook fanpage. We inform you about the most important events concerning human rights and our work. We are also working on an internal system which enables to inform you about all of our activities efficiently and constantly.

Zwiedzamy zlikwidowaną Stocznię Szczecińską. Z poziomu wody, bo inaczej się nie da.
Fot. Piotr Skrzypczak
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10. Szczecin 2015 – Our Holidays!

Our holiday trips became a tradition. For the last few years we visited places connected with so-called “difficult history”. We were cycling around our city and Lublin region, we visited Polesie. We met people and talk with them about their war and postwar experiences. We talked about different religions and denominations: Jews, Catholics, Greek Catholics, members of the Orthodox Church. Some of the stories remained unfinished. The answers were to be found on so-called Recovered Territories and that's why in 2015 we decided to visit Szczecin.

Jak urodziny to i tort musi być!
Fot. Agnieszka Małek
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... 11. Birthday

In 2015 during WatchDocs festival we celebrated our 11th birthday. We spent it in Kawiarnia Kawaka, a place which we had created several years ago, and with people particularly important for our organisation. We feel your support and hope that we will have it for another 11 years of activity. We encourage you to get engaged in the activities supporting human rights and help us, also financially. We will keep you updated about our activities. It won't be anything spectacular.


All the best in 2016!

Homo Faber Team

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