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Top 10 in 2016


Although the last year was extremely turbulent in social and political sphere, we were consistently working for the protection of human rights. We re-built our anti-discrimination program, enhanced the integration of migrants and foreign students and, thanks to your financial support, managed to organise our own film festival Demakijaż./b>

1. Welcome to Lublin 3

The 8th year of Homo Faber’s participation in the process of migrants and newcomers’ integration has just begun. In 2016 we conducted Polish courses in which participated 22 people from Ukraine, Belarus, Iraq, Germany, Romania, Taiwan, Italy and India. The next course for 30 people has just started. We issued Kapownik - a multipurpose calendar and a guidebook for newcomers “Migrant Handbook” in which we give basic information about life in Poland.

We have already distributed over 2000 calendars. We still organise city walks – during 6 walks last year migrants and newcomers had an opportunity to get to know our city better. We organised 21 meetings concerning many aspect of life in Poland – we informed how to call an ambulance, safely look for a job or legalise the stay in Poland. More info:

Openly about human rights

The most satisfying for us are films and discussions. When we talk about human rights we usually analyse three different levels: idea, law and practise. Each level shows the different dimension of human rights. During the meetings we can openly talk about our idea. In the last months we organised five open meetings, initiatives and film screenings that brought up the issue of rights of different group of people. We showed two films: “No Burqas Behind Bars” and “Deep Love” (first screening + meeting with the film characters), invited the author Marta Abramowicz and to talk about her book “Nuns Leave Quietly” and organised local events of Polish and world-wide initiatives – “Popieram Związki” and “One Billion Rising”. As every year we organised Lublin edition of travelling film festival WATCH DOCS – Human Rights in Film: 4 days, 14 films, 2 debates, 1 workshop and 1 two-hour long city walk showing the changing history of respecting human rights in Lublin. More info: Many institutions supported our initiatives giving their space, organization and promotional support. We would like to thank to the Centre for Culture in Lublin, the Centre for the Meeting of Cultures and the Division for Cooperation with NGOs and Social Participation in the Mayor’s Office in Lublin.

3. Show me your Lublin
More and more people from other countries are coming to Lublin. Some of them are students and others come here to live with their whole families. We wanted to listen to their stories. We made a film about the life of migrants and newcomers in Lublin. You can find our film here (English and Polish subtitles available):
Within the framework of the project we also recorded an audio city walk. Migrants from Ukraine showed us Lublin from their perspective, told us how they see the urban space and which places are particularly interesting. You can find the walk here (Polish version only):

4. Masz Głos – your voice matters.
In 2016 we became the partners of the project “Masz Głos”. We are responsible for the support in Lublin, Lesser Poland, Subcarpathia and Holy Cross regions in Poland. We inform, advice and conduct workshops and trainings concerning participatory local issues e.g. renovations of city beaches, organisations of youth clubs, writing projects, live reports from the city council sessions, organisation of neighbours’ festivities We support the inhabitants and encourage them to take actions to change their closest surrounding cooperating with the local authorities. We remind them that they have a right to decide about their town or neighbourhood because they are the part of the self-government too. More info:

5. Wielokulturowe Wyprawki
In 2016 we organised four multicultural trips in which participated 160 kids from small schools in Lublin region. During the trips we: - drove over 2000km; - ate 1500 pierogis;
- visited three Orthodox churches and one synagogue; - sang 80 stanzas of Ukrainian songs; - lit 160 candles in the Orthodox churches; - gave 36 gifts for the winners of our quizzes and competitions; - wrote 170 postcards.
Wyprawki were prepared and conducted by: Anna Dąbrowska – expert in the field of Judaism, the author of the field game; Asia Bednarczyk - talks about the Islam and conducts workshops at the Mizar (Muslim cemetery); Mudek Kuryluk – teaches open voice singing techniques and conducts Ukrainian songs workshops; Jola Prochowicz – guides and navigates; Marta Sienkiewicz – coordinates the project, animates, teaches Ukrainian and talks about the Orthodox faith. More info:

6. Anti-Discrimination Support Centre
We have been working in our Anti-Discrimination Centre for two years. In 2016 we coped with 16 individual cases concerning psychological and economic violence and sexual abuse. We are also supporting a father with an intellectual disability who wants to regain his parental rights. We continue three systemic cases concerning transparency of awarding civil servants; evictions in the context of financial status and the restriction of banking services in Poland for the Iranian citizens. We also monitor the work of uniformed services and how they react when a crime is committed by a public official. Last year we also conducted 4 workshops concerning disabilities. We have organised a volunteer legal team and we would like to invite law and administration students to join us. We are also creating a network of pro bono working lawyers in Lublin. You will soon meet a person responsible for describing the cases we are dealing with in the Centre. More info:

7. Demakijaż – Women Film Festival
In 2016 for the first time we organised our own, original film festival. We hope that Demakijaż will be another Homo Faber event organised every year. During the festival we presented feature films and documentaries from all around the world showing talent, power and determination of women, both directors and film characters. We want to thank to people who joined our fundraising campaign helping us to collect money to organise Demakijaż – over 70 people donated 2387 zł. Without you, organisation of Demakijaż would not be possible. 9 films, 3 concerts and 3 discussions. More info:

8. NaprawmyTo – Let’s Fix It!
Almost 9000 problems and defects have been solved in Lublin since we opened the portal. We officially started managing NaprawmyTo on the 14th of September 2014. Since then, the inhabitants of Lublin have reported around 13000 problems and defects. Alerts concern mainly the condition of roads in our city, destroyed pavements and not working street lamps. The portal was managed successively by Kinga, Jacek, Piotr, Krzysiek. Now in charge of NaprawmyTo is Karolina. More info:

Changes in the team

The last year was really challenging for our team. Kasia and Krzysiek moved to Warsaw, Piotr and Alicja started permanent jobs outside Homo Faber. We also became aunts and uncles: Antek, Antek, Maciek, Marianna and Ruta were born. In December, after a few months of voluntary work, Konstancja Szkudlarek joined our team. Konstancja is a law student, in Homo Faber she coordinates the group of volunteers in anti-discrimination programme. We are really happy to have Konstancja in our team!

HF in Ukraine

In Homo Faber we have always been travelling during summer holidays. At the beginning to understand Polish – Jewish history, later to find out more about Polish – Ukrainian relations. We travelled across Bug river and we were in Szczecin. Last year we decided to get to know our neighbours better and organised a trip to Western Ukraine. We visited L’viv, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk and Drohobych. More info:

Support us! If you believe that our actions are important and you want us to organise more initiatives, you can set up a standing order to donate us. Every złoty matters!

  Choose the amount you want to donate. Set up a standing order: Credit Agricole S.A. 93 1940 1076 3069 8598 0000 0000 Let us know! We want to know our friends and supporters. Become well-informed about our actions and initiatives. Sign up for our newsletter. Click on the link to do it: -

Become well-informed about our actions and initiatives. Sign up for our newsletter. Click on the link to do it: -

All the best in 2017!

Homo Faber Team


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